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Wisconsin Homes for Sale with Farm Barn 400K to 500K

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On this page you will find Wisconsin Homes for Sale with farm barn currently on the market.  Click the titles or links below to find more residential listings including Farmhouse, Ranch, Raised Ranch, National Folk Home, Houses, Cabins, Mobile Homes, Double Wides, Cottages, Hunting Cabins, Rustic Shacks, A-Frames, Manufactured, Housing, Farmhouses, Lakehouses, Lakefront Homes, Waterfront Log Cabins with barns. 

Wisconsin Farming Barns - https://wisconsin-farming.com/barns-for-sale-wi.html

Wisconsin Homes for Sale with Farm Barn 400K to 500KImage from Pixabay

Homes for Sale with Farm Features - Barns | Box Stalls | Can be Divided | Chicken House | Corral | Currently Non-Working | Farm Equipment | Feed Storage Units | Fencing | Grain Bins | Grain Storage | Green House | Horse Barn | Livestock Permitted | Machine Shed | Milk House | Outbuildings | Pole Barn | Pond System | Silo

WI Houses for Sale with Barn Over $400,000

The real estate properties below are generated from IDXWI.com you can customize your own search by visiting https://idxwi.thelandman.net/idx/search/advanced choice your search parameters and either select one of the "barns" options under "farm features" or type in "barn" in "remarks".

Farmhouses with Horse Barns Under $500,000

These listings are organized by price from LOW to High.

Wisconsin Hobby Farms for Sale $400,000 to $500,000

Also More Wisconsin Farms For Sale - Farm Features | Barns for Sale | Horse Property | LAND Features

Homes for Sale with Barns WI

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